Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler




     The City of Butler is a Pennsylvania entitlement municipality that receives annual CDBG fundng for community development.  CDBG funds can be used for housing rehabilitation, public services (including municipal support), community facilities, infrastructure improvement, development and planning.  70% of each grant must be used for activities that directly benefit low and moderate income persons and individual activities must generally benefit persons at east 51% low/moderate income.

     Each assisted activity must also address at least one of the three national objectives of the CDBG program.  The three National Objectives are:

                   1.  Benefit low and moderate income persons

                   2.  Address slums or blight

                   3.  Meet a particularly urgent community development need.


     The Redevelopment Authority has a long history of successful CDBG projects and programs including, but not limited to the following:

                   Homeowner Rehabilitation

                   Rental Rehabilitation
                   Storm Sewer System Improvements
                   Public / Community Facilities

                   Public Improvements

                   Street / Road Improvements



                   Economic Development and Planning

                   Pullman Park / Kelly Automotive Park


     Current Major Projects:

                   Centre City

                   Penn Theatre

                   Main Street Revitalization

                   West End Revitalization

P U B L I C   N O T I C E


        A public hearing regarding the City of Butler's proposed use of         the 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program         will take place at the City Building, Council Chambers, on Thursday,     November 16, 2017 at 7:05 PM.


   The purpose of this hearing is to obtain citizen views and comments     on the following: 


   2017 CDBG Entitlement - $269,615 -

  Grant Administration (18%)

      General Administration/Audit                        $  48,530

  Low/Moderate Income Activity (82%)

      Street/Road Improvements                             $127,837

      Fire Station / Equipment                                 $  43,248

      Code Enforcement                                          $  50,000



        The hearing will serve as deadline for receipt of written and             verbal comments concerning said items.  Per absence of comment,       Butler City Council will adopt by resolution the 2017 CDBG                   entitlement application for submission to PA Department of                   Community and Economic Development. 


        Anyone who has a disability or Limited English Proficiency and       wishes to participate in the public meeting is asked to call the                 Redevelopment Authority at 724-283-0116 prior to the meeting to       discuss how the Authority can accommodate his/her needs.

   Individuals needing special accommodations to attend the meeting       are asked to call the Redevelopment Authority at 724-283-0116             prior to the meeting.


      The proposed application may be inspected prior to the meeting       at the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler, 129 West             Cunningham Street, Butler, Pennsylvania.  City Council will hold           their regular meeting after the hearing to consider approval of the       program.